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The Perfect Basement Apartment

When we got married, my husband and I moved into a lovely brick home. Because we were young and in debt, we would have benefited from being able to rent out a portion of our home to tenants. Unfortunately, our home didn’t include a basement apartment. If your basement is currently not being used, consider transforming it into a basement apartment. Before renting it out to tenants, you will need to make sure it meets certain specifications. For example, most local governments require basement apartments to contain a certain amount of windows. Usually, you will also have to ensure that your windows meet size requirements. On this blog, you will discover how to create the perfect basement apartment with the right windows.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Sliding Glass Door Repair and Replacement

If you notice a crack or chip in your sliding glass door, you may have many questions. Getting answers to the questions you have will help you to properly deal with the crack and know what action to take. Here are three of the questions you may have about sliding glass door repair and replacement.

If There Is a Small Crack in the Glass, Is Repair or Replacement Really Necessary?

If you notice a small crack or chip in the glass of your sliding door, you may wonder if you really need to take any action. However, it is important that you either repair or replace the glass. The constant sliding motion of the door can cause the crack to grow, leading to more problems. Additionally, weather elements can lead to the continued growth of the crack or chip. When it is hot or cold outside, your glass expands and contracts. This can cause the crack to grow or can even cause a damaged piece of glass to shatter. Repairing or replacing the glass helps prevent this from happening.

When Is Repairing a Crack an Option?

If there is a small crack or chip on your sliding glass door, you may be able to fill it. This repair helps to stabilize the glass, preventing the crack from growing due to motion or temperature extremes. However, not every crack or chip can be repaired. If the chip or crack is already large in size, replacement is generally recommended. Also, if the door is cracked and you notice there are more cracks branching off from the original crack, repair may not be needed. Lastly, you have to decide if the cost of repair versus replacement makes sense for your glass. If your sliding glass door is already old and likely needs to be replaced soon, it may not make sense to invest in a glass door repair. On the other hand, if your glass door is fairly new, you may be more open to repairing the glass to get the most amount of money out of your new glass door. A professional glass door replacement company will need to look at the type of glass door you have, the age of the glass, and the extent of the damage to provide you with their opinion as to whether repair or replacement is a better option for you.

Should Just the Glass or the Entire Door Be Replaced?

If the glass on your sliding glass door can't be repaired, you have to decide whether to replace the glass or whether to replace the entire frame for your door. The majority of sliding glass door frames are made from aluminum, which has an expected lifespan of about 20 years. If your door frame is made of vinyl or wood, your frame's expected lifespan increased to 30 to 40 years. If the track and frame are in good condition, you may simply wish to replace just the glass. If the door isn't sliding over the tracks like it should or is sticking or warping or you notice a great deal of air seeping into your home along the frame, you may wish to replace the entire door rather than just the glass.

There are a number of reasons why cracks can appear in glass. A stress crack may form simply due to age and weather elements. Or something may hit the sliding glass door, such as a ball or rock, causing a crack to appear. Regardless of why the crack is there, action must be taken immediately to prevent the crack from growing. You have to decide whether to repair the glass, replace the glass, or replace the entire door. Getting answers to the questions you have about this topic will help you make an informed decision as to which is right for you. For further information, contact a contractor through a website like